My thoughts on Work from Home

As a software company, a lot of work and processes at collaboration Factory have always been enabled for seamless Work from Home (WFH) long before COVID. However, we still are kind of office focused in our general mindset. I think that right now is the best point in time to really think about shifting our mindset and treating both, WFH and office, as equal and allow everyone to choose freely. It’s not about going full remote (yet) – but read along to see my thoughts on the why and how.

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Preparing for SaaStr Annual 2019

In just a week I’ll be heading out with some of my colleagues of collaboration Factory to SaaStr Annual 2019the convention for any SaaS enthusiast to be. Since I have only attended DEFCON as a (somewhat larger) conference last year – where my experience has been just amazing – and JS Kongress in 2016 – which was also great – I am pretty excited to see what’s coming.

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Evolving Processes – Part 1

Since I started working at collaboration Factory AG in the beginning of 2015, our software development process has changed quite a bit. In this post I want to outline where we started, what challenges we faced, and which solutions we tried to employ to solve those. Very likely, lots of companies have come across these issues, too, and we are still far away from perfect as you will see in the end. I would love to hear your feedback and experiences as well as the measures you have taken to improve and streamline your workflow.

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