What is this?

Inspired by some of the (maybe) well-known manager READMEs, I have chosen this form to give a brief account of who I am and what you should know if you are going to work with me.

About Me

  • Right now I work at collaboration Factory AG where I do software development, recruiting, and other organizational tasks
  • I am a nerd at heart, interested in all kinds of technology, but especially programming, and I do like programming a lot
  • I like to share a laugh – life is serious enough by itself so I like to lighten it up when possible, and I definitely can laugh at myself, too
  • In my free time I love doing sports – especially a nice, hard circuit training session helps to keep me balanced

Principles & Values

Those are things that are very important to me and influence what I do – which doesn’t mean I expect everyone else to be an exact match in every respect, but I do my work based on them.

  • Loyalty and having each others back: if things go wrong or help is required I’m not just going to quit or leave easily – I’ll be there and try my best to solve the issues. On the other hand, I might come and ask for the same one day. Hint: this is not unlimited – if goes too far you’ll lose me, but I’ll warn you before.
  • Honesty & candor: I’m not going to lie to anyone, and expect it the other way around. I do not like being told what I presumably may want to hear when isn’t the full truth, especially if someone else has received a different answer to the same question. I am open to new and different approaches, solutions, or ideas that I haven’t thought of – and I ask you to think so, too. “We’ve always been doing it this way” is not an argument I accept.
  • I’m hands-on and judge actions not titles: I like a hands-on approach after giving proper thought on how to proceed – but I’m not a fan of drowning in thought. Just do it, give it a try, then gather feedback and experience and evaluate that. That also translates to my view on others: I am not impressed by fancy titles or seniority of age but by how you interact with me or others and what you do.
  • I’m ambitious and don’t follow orders blindly: I want to push things and make an impact. I’ll also happily take ownership. Therefore I need to know the bigger picture but I’m bad at just following orders. A classical coercive power hierarchy definitely doesn’t suit me.


Giving and receiving feedback is very important to me. It is the only way to know whether my behavior and actions are correct or can be improved.

  • I really like getting feedback: share it with me whenever you want and whoever you are. The closer you are to me the more important your feedback will be.
  • Give open, honest feedback: don’t play politics or try to say what I want to hear. Give criticism if required – but be prepared for follow-up since I’ll probably ask some questions to know the details of what I did wrong.
  • Don’t wait for a special occasion: if you have feedback to give just hit me up and I’ll be able to spare some time.
  • If you want feedback from me just ask: I’ll try to give feedback proactively to those I feel close to but I won’t volunteer it at the company. You are always welcome to ask.

Expectations at Work

Apart from everything outlined above, I do have certain expectations in a working environment that I want to point out.

  • Awesome team – great talent, great people: I want to work in a team of very talented people who inspire me to try new things, learn something new, and share their experience with me. Great people also means a friendly, familiar atmosphere where I can feel at home – no fights, no elbow-mentality.
  • Draw a big, ambitious picture and let me focus: Since it’s important to me to make an impact I’d like to know the big picture – where are we going, what is the strategy. I want to be provided with ambitious goals, not just the ordinary; and to achieve them I need to focus on only a small number of things at a time. Don’t make me change focus every week – and be consistent in the big picture you share.
  • Challenge me and be ready to be challenged: I’m bad at doing the same thing in the same context for a long period of time. Give me new challenges from time to time – from technical to organizational to strategic. I will help everywhere I can but what really drives me is working on and solving complex challenges. Since I’m bad at just following orders, I’ll also challenge you to show me why things should be done.
  • I do have an opinion and want it to be valued: I definitely don’t know everything better than anyone else, but I do have an opinion on a lot of things. When I don’t have any solid reasoning to support my views I won’t share them; but when I see something isn’t right I’ll speak up, ask questions, and say what I think. I expect to be heard and want it to be valued; and I will always accept a plausible explanation why my view is wrong.