Hack&Jump – Quick Recap

Last Thursday has been the annual Hack&Jump event in Munich organized by YOUNG TARGETS. Together with some colleagues from collaboration Factory AG we represented cplace as best as we could.

The idea of the event is quickly summarized as follows. Participants – most of them students – can sign up online for the tour. They got divided into four different groups and then headed out to four different locations in cycling order so that one group was present at one location every time. On the other hand the presenting companies were also divided and allocated to one of the locations. As such, groups of participants were kept small – around 15-20 people – and there were only 5-6 companies per spot allowing for a very familiar atmosphere to chat and mingle in.

Presenting cplace at Hack&Jump

Once a group arrived, the companies each gave a (more or less) short 5-minute presentation detailing their work and opportunities. Afterwards the participants were to roam in the conference room and pick out – or get picked out – companies they found interesting.

We were located in the Süddeutsche Zeitung building together with TNG Technology Consulting, PENTASYS, ESG, and SZ Digitale Medien. Luckily for us we had the USP of being the youngest as well as smallest company compared to the others present including the fact that cplace is constant Product development and not Project business with ever changing environments.

Time flew by quite quickly and we had some very nice conversations with cool people throughout the day. It was quite exhausting since the program was packed but sure worth the effort! Lastly, the SZ Digitale Medien provided the possibility to have photos taken in their Sagen Sie jetzt nichts interview format published by SZ Magazin – that has been a lot of fun:

Sagen Sie jetzt nichts

I will await your guesses for the asked question in the comments! We look forward to joining Hack&Jump next year again and hope to see lots of new faces there.

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