Preparing for SaaStr Annual 2019

In just a week I’ll be heading out with some of my colleagues of collaboration Factory to SaaStr Annual 2019the convention for any SaaS enthusiast to be. Since I have only attended DEFCON as a (somewhat larger) conference last year – where my experience has been just amazing – and JS Kongress in 2016 – which was also great – I am pretty excited to see what’s coming.

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JS Kongress 2017 Roundup

A little while ago on the 13th and 14th of November I attended the JS Kongress themed The Future of JavaScript here in Munich. It has been my first time being to this conference – and up forefront: it has been a great and very pleasant experience. Thanks a lot to all the organizers for making this possible! But let’s get into some more details…

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Evolving Processes – Part 1

Since I started working at collaboration Factory AG in the beginning of 2015, our software development process has changed quite a bit. In this post I want to outline where we started, what challenges we faced, and which solutions we tried to employ to solve those. Very likely, lots of companies have come across these issues, too, and we are still far away from perfect as you will see in the end. I would love to hear your feedback and experiences as well as the measures you have taken to improve and streamline your workflow.

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Converting Videos to GIF in Bash

In order to demonstrate some new features / issues etc. it’s sometimes quite handy to use short screen captures. The only problem is that they are most of the times too large to share easily or it’s just not possible to seamlessly add them to GitHub issues – but what other cool way is there to get your point across? 😉

For the lazy ones: the script can be found as a Gist.

Of course there are plenty of apps for all system to do this conversion for you but as a developer I don’t want an extra app for every little task at hand and a plain bash script works like a charm – also on macOS/OS X.

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The Life of a Pull Request

Everyone of you is most likely familiar with Pull Requests (PRs) on GitHub. They are an essential tool for collaboration on projects – be it open source or commercial ones. As such they are a key utility for our daily work at collaboration Factory AG, especially concerning the development of our core framework – the platform cplace.

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