About Me

I am Michael Rose, a Software Developer working on cplace at collaboration Factory AG in Munich, Germany. In my free time I still love working with technology – trying out new programming languages, watching talks on security, or fiddling around with my Raspberry Pi 3. Sometimes the only problem is deciding on what to hack and focus gets lost.

Apart from this sports really helps me to calm down after stressful work – where I benefit from the fact that the gym is one floor below my flat. The only problem are injuries which seem to keep coming at me from time to time.

Be sure to also check out my README – especially when you think about working with me 🙂

Work & Studies

Since the beginning of 2015 I work at collaboration Factory AG on the software product cplace – a flexible software platform and framework. My work is diverse: from creating new applications for specific use cases to enhancing APIs and platform functionality used by our development partners. When coding on the backend side it’s all a custom Java 8 framework whereas the frontend is written with the use of TypeScript and AngularJS. Aside from coding I do work on the architecture and design of our software solutions, partner training, and recruiting.

From October 2013 to October 2015 I studied Automotive Software Engineering at the TU Munich (TUM). In order to get appropriate practical expirience, I was a working student at Elektrobit from the beginning of my Master’s to the end of 2014. While it provided me with a very good insight into the automotive domain and enabled me to learn a lot, it also showed me it was not the right area for me to work in. Right before I did my Bachelor’s in Computer Science also at TUM starting from 2010. In 2011 I began working on the predecessor of cplace – back then called Tricia – sometimes I still stumble upon code in cplace written by me then.

Side Projects

So far I managed to really complete and publish only one of my larger side projects – … but it is not online anymore. Hufheld was an online platform for horse riding where users could buy and sell used riding equipment. It was written using AngularJS for the frontend side (as a complete SPA) and used the Play Framework for the backend. But this one is a story on its own.

Besides this I always try out new stuff like React, Ionic Framework, Akka, … However, my biggest challenge seems to be to create projects from start to finish when playing around.